Travis Walton

travis_waltonOn November 5, 1975 Travis Walton and some co-workers came across a bright light from behind a hill. Walton headed toward the light and found a silvery disc hovering over that was about twenty feet in diameter, when all of a sudden his co-workers saw a blue light from the disc strike Walton to the ground. When they went over to him, he was nowhere to be found. After five days of searching a call was received from Walton from a pay phone at a gas station where he was found by family collapsed on the floor and discombobulated. Walton reports that the last thing he remembers is getting hit with the bright blue light and then waking up on an operating table where small un-human like creatures surrounded him. He then had some sort of oxygen mask placed over his face which caused him to pass out. He then woke up outside the gas station where he called from the pay phone. He thought he was only gone for a couple of hours.

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