Stanton Friedman

stan_freidmanAs a physicist -lecturer, Friedman left his full-time employment to pursue the scientific investigation of UFO’s. He was the first civilian investigator to document the sighting of the Roswell UFO Incident, where it was said that in the summer of 1947 an unidentified object had crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and alien bodies were found. He believes this crash was indeed from extraterrestrial beings visiting our Earth. He was also a part of fact checking and researching the Majestic 12 documents and says there is no substantial evidence to dismiss their authenticity. He has been a part of the investigation for many of the famous UFO abduction and encounters cases and is one of the most well known Ufoligists today. He has taken favor to the term”ìFlying Saucer” in his work and says that flying saucers by definition are UFO’s, but very few UFO’s can be considered flying saucers.

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