December 31st, 2013, North Myrtle Beach, approximate time 7:30 p.m.
Canadian, retired, couple who have been winter vacationing in N. Myrtle for seven years. Upon returning to our 4th floor condo from an evening out, we encountered an orange teardrop shaped light moving slowly, directly out past the 4th floor balcony, and over parking lot beneath. Initially could not see a structure attached to orange orb. No visibility of the night sky or parking lot pine trees behind orb. No engine sound. The air around us was dead quiet. No traffic sounds from nearby street. Blackness in front of us, except for this slow moving orange teardrop orb. My husband and I literally frozen where we stood, watching this orange orb at eye level. I caught a glimpse of an underbelly right above the parking lot street light. Metallic mate grey mass. The episode lasted 2-3 minutes, then gone. I asked my husband what it was, he stated “helicopter.” We said nothing else about the incident until the next morning, upon which I said to my husband, “that was no helicopter, there was not a sound.” Still baffled by the whole incident, however, whatever this was it was too low, too slow, noiseless, and moving through the building parking lot just above the height of the 4th floor of our building. We were looking directly at this orange colored orb (teardrop shaped light). If this orb had been any closer, I swear we could of reached out and touched it, but we couldn’t move or make a sound. It still haunts me to this day.