Leah Haley

leah_haleyIn 1993 Leah wrote her book “Lost Was the Key” which described her alien abduction aboard an alien spacecraft that was shot down by the Airforce in Florida with an electromagnetic pulse weapon.  She became a well known speaker and was commonly sought for interviews. Ten years later she published “Unlocking Alien Closets: Abductions, Mind Control and Spirituality”, further documenting her descent into an increasingly complex web of deceit, disinformation and character assassination within ufology. Haley initially thought aliens were responsible for her experiences but that changed in 2011 following years of investigation. She long acknowledged military personnel were involved in her experiences to some extent, but she fully re-evaluated circumstances after viewing select Freedom of Information Act and U.S. Patent Office documents. Haley further based her revised conclusions on hundreds of interactions with abductees and researchers, as well as having mysterious individuals enter and later abruptly vanish from her life. She is now thoroughly convinced mind control experiments are responsible for what became known as the alien abduction phenomenon.

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