Last week my son, his girlfriend and I went to your museum. As we were going in I was telling them the story about when I lived in the Hudson Valley NY (Ulster county to be exact. Highland). Anyway I was explaining how my sister and I seen these lights and round object in the sky over the apple orchard. I pulled over and the car went off the road, so we started following it thru the orchard. It seem to be getting closer and we were getting a bit scared. After a few min. of watching this thing it took off toward the Poughkeepsie area and was gone that we could see. We quickly went back to the car I was able to get back on the road and left. The next day listening to the radio WPDH they were talking about it. I called in and told them what we had seen. They called the airport to ask if any plains were in the area at that time and were told no. Only 28 of us seen it that night (that we know of). Then as we were going thru the museum there it was on the wall they looked at me and I freaked out and was like…See I did not make it up…They are out there…I live here in Myrtle Beach and I understand there have been sightings here too… Kimberly