John Ford

john_fordAs an investigator of the 1992 South Haven Park UFO crash, he was able to piece together photographs and video film after six months of investigation. Immediately after the crash the park was closed down for three days, which government officials say was for duck hunting season. While researching the park after the reopen, a metal fence was found with no magnetic readings as well as an area that was completely burned out. Area residents also reported power surges immediately after the reported crash.

On November 24, 1992, a UFO reportedly crashed in Southaven Park, Shirley, NY.  John Ford, a Long Island MUFON researcher, investigated the crash. Four years later, on June 12, 1996, Ford was arrested and charged with plotting to poison several local politicians by sneaking radium in their toothpaste. On advice of counsel Ford pled insanity and was committed to the Mid Hudson Psychiatric Center.  Critics say the charges are a frame-up.

The Branton Files have circulated on the internet at least since the mid-1990s. They essentially recirculate the information presented above, with many asides from “Branton”, the document’s editor.

Philip Schneider made a few appearances at UFO conventions in the 1990s, espousing essentially a new version of the theories mentioned above. He claimed to have survived the Dulce Base catastrophe and decided to tell his tale.

In 1999 the French government published a study, “UFOs and Defense: What Must We Be Prepared For?” Among other topics, the study concluded that the United States government has withheld valuable evidence.

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