J Allen Hynek


The US Air Force developed Project Sign, which later developed into Project Blue Book, but had requested the assistance of astronomer J. Allen Hynek who became the Ufologist for the project. His job was to debunk as many UFO cases as possible. He found that many cases were given by ìunreliable witnesses,î but often stretched stories to the breaking point to explain away their claims. He saw it as his job to try and squash all accounts for the Air Force. When the project was finished in 1969 he came forward about the project and admitted that the project was trying to distract the media and the public from any sightings or encounters that were going public. He also states that there just might be paranormal activity out there. He did continue to investigate UFO cases once his time with Project Blue Book was complete. He also founded the Center for UFO Studies which is still around today.

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