Exhibit Overview

Encounters: UFO Experience, Presented By Intergalactic Brands


Since ancient times, humans have reported strange objects in the sky, visits by other-worldly beings, and abductions by alien spacecraft. Ancient mysteries, as well as modern UFO sightings, alien abductions and more are explored at the world’s first comprehensive exhibition focused on UFOs.


It presents more than 200 original and replica artifacts, conceptual models, documented film clips and recordings supporting claims of alien encounters. A family-friendly exhibition, it includes unique and extraordinary content gathered from the private collections of UFOlogists around the world.


The exhibition has seven galleries. It begins with a look at originals and replicas of artifacts left by early man as supporting evidence of their alien encounters. Military involvement with aliens is explored through the presentation of facts about Area 51 and Roswell. There’s even a nod to pop culture’s attraction to the topic of  extraterrestrial lifeforms.


Here’s a look at each of the galleries:


Gallery 1: Ancient Encounters is designed to open minds to the possibility of intelligent life from outer space. It explores unsolved mysteries from history that tie back into the concept of alien life. Claims of intervention by intelligent extraterrestrials are illustrated by advanced engineering and structural principals, as well as geographic markings that could only be created by viewing the Earth from outside our stratosphere. Replicas and models of artifacts include items such as the famous Easter Island statues, a Mayan Pyramid, ancient Sumerian tablets, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.


Gallery 2: Military Involvement zeroes in on government findings and research of major military activity related to UFOs and alien discoveries. This gallery displays published news stories and government documents of world famous incidents, sightings and encounters. Along with these are replicas of alien weaponry and specimens reportedly linked to military “discoveries”.


Gallery 3: Modern Sightings showcases an almost overwhelming amount of evidence that we are not alone.  This also includes a look at modern sightings from 1997 to 2005.


Gallery 4: White Light Experience is a room without artifacts or information. It is set up to  simulate the famous “White Light Experience” described by those who have reported being abducted by aliens. The two-minute experience is designed both to enlighten and thrill participants before guiding them into the next phase of an abduction experience.


Gallery 5: Abduction Experience is based on observations and reports of thousands of people who have reported an abduction experience. A spaceship cockpit takes center stage with replicas of alien specimens in holding tanks. Upon departing the gallery, visitors view more artifacts and replicas of aliens, and learn about famous abductions from 1967 to 1997.


Gallery 6: Alien Travel features a large replica of a spaceship and investigates the concept of intergalactic travel. With working models of propulsion systems and explanations of worm hole and black hole theories, it also covers famous mass sightings that occurred from 2006 to 2012.


Gallery 7: Pop Culture puts a spotlight on how people have incorporated a fascination with aliens into radio, books, movies, and television. A variety of movie prop recreations, movie posters and replicas, as well as interactive fun for kids are displayed throughout the gallery.

From the museum-like displays of evidence supporting claims of extraterrestrial lifeforms to interactive experiences such as the simulated alien abduction, Encounters delivers an out-of-this-world museum.