Dr Jack Kasher

dr_jack_kasherDr. Jack Kasher is professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Nebraska. From 1975-1992 he was a consultant and summer employee at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he specialized in electromagnetic theory and did work on the Star Wars defense system. He spent the summer of 1991 working at NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He has continued his research with NASA since that time, studying the surface of the sun. He is the Nebraska State Director for MUFON.

Dr. Kasher did a detailed analysis of the STS-48 shuttle mission video that shows anomalous objects moving in space in a controlled manner within view of the shuttle’s cameras.

A glowing object appeared on the horizon on film from the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1991. It seemed to move from left to right, and then slightly upward, and then quickly change direction after a flash of light. NASA explained this as ice particles, but in 1996 Jack analyzed the movements and found five arguments that the footage could not depict ice particles.

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