Debbie Jordan

debbie_jordanOn June 30, 1983 Debbie was getting ready to head out after dinner, when while doing the dishes she spotted a very bright florescent light coming from the swimming pool pump house right outside the window. Since her two sons were home with her mother she told her mother to lock the doors and to call her if they needed her while she was gone. Not more than five minutes after leaving I got a call from my mom saying to come home now! When she arrived home, three minutes later, she grabbed her dad’s shotgun which was not loaded thinking she would scare them off. She walked into the pump house but could find nothing so she decided to look for her dog out by the garage. She found her, and when she tried to get her out of the garage she was yelping, whining, and scratching at her hands like she had just recently been scared to death. When she started looking around the garage to find what scared her dog, she began to like she was fire. Her entire body was burning and she described as feeling like she was covered in acid. When she tried to run out of the garage she was hit in the chest by something very bright and electifying. She could feel every molecule in her body vibrating and she couldn’t move, when all of a sudden she felt a pulling on her shoulder and then a stab into her ear. She was told was by whoever or whatever was stabbing her, what seemed telepathically, that it was unfortunate that she had to feel pain. She then describes being outside the doorway but had no idea how she got there. She spotted six small bullet shaped figures in the yard infront of her as well as a bright egg shaped thing which was hovering. The figures made there way back into the egg shaped thing and disappeared. As she made her way back into the house, the memory of what just transpired began to fade and when she stepped inside she did not remember a thing.

She decided to head back out for the night but when she arrived at her neighbors they were worried sick. She thought she was only gone for fifteen minutes but in reality she was gone for over two hours. The next morning her eyes were swollen shut and it ended up taking several weeks to fully recover. Her eyes are now continually very sensitive to light. A brown mark was also found a week later in the backyard where the encounter took place. It was an eight foot circle with a twenty foot swath coming from it. After seeing this she began to remember her encounter. After this a series of events began to occur which can only be related to visit they received from the UFO. Her dog which was only two began to deteriorate and needed to be put down. Living in the wilderness, when animals would cross through the backyard they would not walk near the brown spot. When it would snow it was immediately melt in just that area. There were never any bugs in that portion of the grass, and when grass would grow it would be a bluish color. The power lines above the mark would also short out from time to time. Neighbors eventually came forward saying that strange things occured in their home the same night.

Budd Hopkins, a UFO researcher spent alot of his own money researching this event and eventually wrote a book titled, “Intruders, The Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods.” In 1992 CBS did a mini series of the same name and later in 1993, along with her sister Kathy Mitchell wrote a follow up book titles, “Abducted! The Story of the Intruders Continues.”

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