December 31st, 2013, North Myrtle Beach, approximate time 7:30 p.m.
Canadian, retired, couple who have been winter vacationing in N. Myrtle for seven years. Upon returning to our 4th floor condo from an evening out, we encountered an orange teardrop shaped light moving slowly, directly out past the 4th floor balcony, and over parking lot beneath. Initially could not see a structure attached to orange orb. No visibility of the night sky or parking lot pine trees behind orb. No engine sound. The air around us was dead quiet. No traffic sounds from nearby street. Blackness in front of us, except for this slow moving orange teardrop orb. My husband and I literally frozen where we stood, watching this orange orb at eye level. I caught a glimpse of an underbelly right above the parking lot street light. Metallic mate grey mass. The episode lasted 2-3 minutes, then gone. I asked my husband what it was, he stated “helicopter.” We said nothing else about the incident until the next morning, upon which I said to my husband, “that was no helicopter, there was not a sound.” Still baffled by the whole incident, however, whatever this was it was too low, too slow, noiseless, and moving through the building parking lot just above the height of the 4th floor of our building. We were looking directly at this orange colored orb (teardrop shaped light). If this orb had been any closer, I swear we could of reached out and touched it, but we couldn’t move or make a sound. It still haunts me to this day.


North Myrtle Beach Lights Over Ocean

We have a condo in N. Myrtle on the beach. We often sit on our balcony at night. My wife and I have seen strange very bright lights over the ocean on several nights. Just 2 night ago we saw a very bright light. This was over the ocean but not nearly high enough to be a star but not low enough to be a boat. First just a bright light that went on and then off very quickly. Then, amazingly, a row of about 3 or 4 lights on and off in succession. These were very bright and only lasted about 4 seconds. Last year it was several “dancing” lights randomly over the ocean that went on for an hour or so. We will keep watching!


Last week my son, his girlfriend and I went to your museum. As we were going in I was telling them the story about when I lived in the Hudson Valley NY (Ulster county to be exact. Highland). Anyway I was explaining how my sister and I seen these lights and round object in the sky over the apple orchard. I pulled over and the car went off the road, so we started following it thru the orchard. It seem to be getting closer and we were getting a bit scared. After a few min. of watching this thing it took off toward the Poughkeepsie area and was gone that we could see. We quickly went back to the car I was able to get back on the road and left. The next day listening to the radio WPDH they were talking about it. I called in and told them what we had seen. They called the airport to ask if any plains were in the area at that time and were told no. Only 28 of us seen it that night (that we know of). Then as we were going thru the museum there it was on the wall they looked at me and I freaked out and was like…See I did not make it up…They are out there…I live here in Myrtle Beach and I understand there have been sightings here too… Kimberly


I was 10 years old and my sister was 12. We were ice skating in our side yard in the freezing evening winter.  We were distracted at the sky at the same time to look up at the sky.  5 balls of light slowly moved towards us then got closer larger visually to us real fast (like in a blink moment) then the balls of light disappeared moving off to the right really fast.  Bam!  It was over.  We were stunned then.  I still am and am 53 years old now.  I’ll never forget it. 


It was St. Patrick’s day 1982, in Holliston, Massachusetts. it was on a hill by a golf course, around the corner is a road that splits two ways.  There was a lot of snow that night and it was all sticking to the ground.  At the time we had a CB radio in the car… we saw this diamond looking shape with three lights.  My husband got on the radio trying to signal someone.  I got out of the car because I saw a house with porch lights on, I ran so fast on the snow that I never even sunk in, I was banging on the door and no one was answering I ran back to my car I saw this blue light and then all the sudden it disappeared, when I got back in the car I couldn’t talk at all, my husband told me to call the newspaper to tell them what happened and when I called I couldn’t talk I drew them a picture and tried to write it down and they said they would keep it as a human interest story.  Back then I ran because I was scared it would take me but now if something like this were to happen I would wait and see what would happen, because I realized when I was running toward that house I missed what was happening.


One night Carter and I went out to eat. On the way home I saw green blinking lights. I rolled down my window and it seemed they got closer. I grabbed my phone the turned back to take a picture…then they were gone.


Back in February, friend and I were driving up 544 late in the evening and I happened to look up and we saw rows of red lights in the sky. It was in such a mass, that it was impossible to identify as a military exercise. They were all very still and then minutes later they were gone. At work the next day someone mentioned seeing them also above Conway. Chilling!