Carlos Diaz

carlos_diazIn January of 1981 while on assignment for a magazine in Ajusco Park near Mexico City, Carlos saw a bright yellow light coming from an unidentified object about 100 feet away. He grabbed his camera and took about three shots of it with his camera which was resting on the steering wheel of his car. †At that point, the car began to shake wildly. †He ran out of the car and took two more pictures before the UFO sped back up into the sky. When he went back a second time he claims to have seen the bright UFO again. A he was mesmerized looking up at it, but while it hovered above him he felt a tap on his shoulder and then immediately fainted. When he came to the craft was gone. Although it was damp and rainy his clothes were completely dry. When he returned to his car he saw a humanoid who told him to come back the next day at noon if he wanted to know what happened to him. When he returned the craft was there and the humanoid told him he would shortly begin to recall what happened. Sure enough, when he began remembering he says he went to touch the craft but his hand seemed to go right through it. The next thing he remembered was seeing the craft parked on the ledge of a cave. He says he continuously has encounters with these alien beings and surprisingly Ufologists claim that his story, photos, and video are one of the most credible.

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