It was St. Patrick’s day 1982, in Holliston, Massachusetts. it was on a hill by a golf course, around the corner is a road that splits two ways.  There was a lot of snow that night and it was all sticking to the ground.  At the time we had a CB radio in the car… we saw this diamond looking shape with three lights.  My husband got on the radio trying to signal someone.  I got out of the car because I saw a house with porch lights on, I ran so fast on the snow that I never even sunk in, I was banging on the door and no one was answering I ran back to my car I saw this blue light and then all the sudden it disappeared, when I got back in the car I couldn’t talk at all, my husband told me to call the newspaper to tell them what happened and when I called I couldn’t talk I drew them a picture and tried to write it down and they said they would keep it as a human interest story.  Back then I ran because I was scared it would take me but now if something like this were to happen I would wait and see what would happen, because I realized when I was running toward that house I missed what was happening.